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Slowly taking pictures of my collection.

My completed Air Jordan Collection.
All Original 
All Deadstock and complete.

I hope you enjoy my pictures as this has been a great accomplishment for me. My collection is now complete from III-XIV.

The Air Jordan I and II have been very hard to obtain every version. I have about 8 pairs of I's and 2 pairs of II's if anyone can help me please let me know.

I will also be taking pictures of my Michael Jordan Player Exclusive Collection, These pairs were made for Michael during his years of play with the Chicago Bulls. Each pair has the proper coding and L.O.A or C.O.A accompanying them.This collection has taken great time and effort and the help of many people and friends who I thank greatly! The goal is to complete I- XIV, 1 model of Air Jordan for each year he played. Hope you enjoy them!


NOT FOR SALE!!!!!! please do not ask